Shower of Grace

Pearls of Wisdom from the Satsangs of 

Baba Somanath Ji

Part 1

From the Bani of Kabir Sahib

Take up the broom of love, and sweep the chamber of your heart.

Taking the broom of love in your hand, clean the temple of your heart. No filth orgarbage should accumulate there. What is that garbage? The worldly thoughtsand attachments. We must take up the broom of the Lord’s love and sweep theheart clean. Only when we have made our hearts clean, can the Lord -- who isimmaculate and pure -- manifest there. He is already residing there, but He willmanifest. We don’t need to bring some other lord from outside. The false worldlythoughts come from outside and fill up our within. But the Almighty Lord isalready innate in our within; He does not descend from some other realm.

Collect the dust of duality and whisk it away with your prayer mat.

Duality is the root of all suffering. What is duality? The sense of “I and you. Mine

and yours.” Examine the worldly thoughts carefully, and you will realize that the
form of this world is duality -- “I and you. Mine and yours.” Sweep away this dust
of duality. Then that Power – the form of Oneness --will manifest within you.
No one is tormenting you from outside. No one has ensnared you in this world.
No one has clapped you in the chains of birth and death. You imprisoned yourself
here when you lost your inner yearning and directed all your strength towards
fulfilling the worldly desires. And because all the outer things are perishable, time
and again you go on revolving through the wheel of transmigration. This is all your
own doing.

All that you have learned up till now, expunge it from your heart.

Empty your heart of all its previous impressions. Your heart is filled with the

thoughts and desires you have accumulated throughout this lifetime – from
childhood up to the present moment. All these impressions are stored in your
heart. Now, if you wish to connect your love with the Almighty Lord, you must
remove all of these impressions from your within. Then your heart will become
open and unattached. When you remember the Lord with an open heart, the
Power of the Lord will manifest within you.
If the thief is already in your house and you are still standing guard at the door
with your gun, do you think that thief within will not plunder you? When at heart
of hearts, we are already filled up with worldly thoughts, vanity of the body,
sorrow and happiness, concern over honor and disgrace, do you think we can
protect our wealth of spirituality through a few outer practices? My friend, how
is this possible?

But my friend resides within me.

What need do I have to look for Him outside?

When we direct our yearning toward the Lord over and over, we become His very
form. Then we say, “He has become my true Friend. I have no more need to wait
for His coming. If He were separate from me, then I would have to search for Him
and wait for Him. But I am in Him, and He is in me. So now what is the point of
seeking Him? Where would I search, and who would I wait for?”

O Fool, your own house is burning, but you are trying to extinguish the fires of


The fire of “I and mine,” of desires and longings, of lust and anger, is burning in

your heart. You are trying to put out the smoldering garbage heaps of others.
Friend, first extinguish your own fire. It is said:

पठहले अपना मन परिोधे, प छे औरन समझावे ।।

First, awaken your own mind, then you can make others understand.

You can prepare so many delicious dishes, but if you wish to satisfy your hunger,

you must eat them. You must experience their taste before you can praise them
to others. Then your words will carry some weight. But you haven’t eaten those
foods and enjoyed them. You don’t know what they taste like, and still, you are
advising other people to eat some food or other, saying, “You should eat this. It
will make you as strong as a wrestler.” But what about your own condition? When
someone asks you yourself are doing, you reply, “Well, I am afflicted with
tuberculosis.” What value can anyone gain from your advice?

Without eyes, you see; without ears, you hear.

To see without eyes, to hear without ears – this is an inner experience. 

Guru Nanak has also spoken on this subject:

To see without eyes; to hear without ears.

All the Saints teach the same thing. No matter how hard you may try, you will not

be able to have the darshan of that Inner Lord using these physical eyes. 

Ramdas Swami tells us:

These eyes of flesh cannot see him; you can behold the Lord only with the
eye of Knowledge (the inner eye).

He cannot be seen with these eyes of flesh. Only when you look with the inner

eye of Knowledge will you behold Him. In the same way, you will hear without
ears. Through the physical ears, you hear the sounds of the outer words. But the
inner Dhun is resounding of itself, and that Sound is heard without ears. We hear
outer sounds through the physical ears, but if the inner Sound did not exist, our
sense organs would not function -- our very life breath would cease.