Dear Friends-
Kind greetings! Suzanne and I spent the weekend moving to our new home in Sequim. We are now back to packing orders in a systematic way.

A number of new aromatic  delights have come our way:

I just received a new consignment of the Christmas Tree Melange the first batch of which sold out quickly

Many new aromatic treasures will be arriving in the coming weeks including a nice selection of CO extraction from Europe(myrrh, coconut, hazelnut, juniper berry, hops etc); a beautiful Boronia Attar(Boronia absolute blended in North Queensland Sandalwood oil; etc

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Holiday season-
Christopher and Suzanne

PS Please note that around the first of each month we change the specials. The ten or so specials that were were posted on the precious month are taken off the list and 10 or so new ones are added. The discount is generally in the range of 25%-40% on the essences listed

Please remember also that we have a $100 wholesale minimum. Shipping is free via UPS Ground