Zdravetz:The Herb of Health

Zdravets eo(solid waxy mass at room temperature)/ Woody, Herbaceous, Floral / $125 oz Geranium macrorrhizum

  • Product #1367
  • Part Distilledaerial parts
  • Processsteam distilled
  • Growth Methodwild harvest
  • OriginBulgaria

The Bulgarian name for this herb is zdravets, literally translated to mean health. Most Bulgarians have zdravets in their homes, as a symbol to promote health. Guests will most likely receive a bunch of zdravets, tied with a red ribbon (another symbol of health) when they visit a home or a business. On the first day of school, zdravets and water are thrown on the front steps of the school, as a sign of health and luck for the new year. AN ETHNOBOTANICAL STUDY OF WILD HERB USE IN BULGARIA ...
https://www.mtu.edu/peacecorps/programs/forestry/pdfs/kerry-ploetz-thesis-final.pdfby KL PLOETZ

Zdravetz essential oil (Geranium macrorrhizum) is an excellent oil that has been little explored, partly because of its somewhat restricted availability and partly because of its relatively high cost.
It is light yellow to pale olive solid waxy mass, with a sweet, woody, herbaceous aroma and subtle floral notes.  It is an oil possessing excellent fixative properties and it blends well with a wide range of materials-both excellent virtues for folks engaged in natural perfumery.

In perfumery its excellent fixative effect and subtle aromatic qualities can be used to great advantage in chypres, fougeres, Oriental bases, colognes, rose bases, precious woods notes, herbal perfumes, geographical perfumes.
Blends well with agarwood eo and co2; angelica root eo and co2; ambrette seed eo and co2; amber sweet melange; ambergris melange; amyris eo; apple melange; apricot melange; araucaria eo; beeswax abs; bergamot mint eo;bergamot eo; boronia abs; buddhawood eo and co2; cabreuva eo; cananga eo; chamomile eo and abs; champa white flower and leaf eo; citron eo; clover sweet abs; coriander eo and co2; costus eo and co2; cypriol/nagarmotha eo and co2; elder flower abs; cistus eo and abs; clary sage eo and abs; cypress eo and abs; fir balsam abs; frankincense eo, co2 and abs; flouve eo and abs; fir balsam eo; genet abs; hay abs; helichrysum eo and abs; juniper berry eo, co2 and abs; hops eo and co2; hyssop eo and abs; lemon grass eo; mandarin eo; lovage root eo and abs; mastic eo and abs; muhuhu eo; oakmoss abs; orange flower abs; orris root eo, co2 and abs; petitgrain eo and abs; pine needle eo and abs; rose eo, co2 and abs; saffron co2; sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; seaweed abs; sage clary eo and abs; tagetes eo and abs; tonka bean abs; tea leaf abs; vetiver eo, co2 and abs; vanilla abs; verbena abs; yuzu eo