Ylang Superior Extra


Ylang Ylang superior extra eo / Suave, Sweet, Floral w/ Creamy, Balsamic / $75 oz Excellent!!! Cananga odorata var. genuina

  • Product #1453
  • Part Distilledflowers
  • Processsteam distilled
  • Growth Methodorganic
  • OriginComoros
Ylang Ylang superior extra eo / Suave, Sweet, Floral w/ Creamy, Balsamic / $75 oz Excellent!!!
All at once he halted, statue-like, as though he had forgotten the object which he was seeking. A night zephyr had come rippling through the slumbering house. Drawing itself like a spirit under the closed doors of the guest-room, it had brought to a brown-faced boy the fragrance of ilang-ilang. 
By Walter Elwood
Ylang Superior Extra from Comoros is a pale yellow liquid displaying a fine, suave, delicate, sweet, floral with a creamy, balsamic undertone. The Superior Extra quality of Ylang is seldom produced now-a-days. It requires a refined distillation expertise as well as a special quality of ylang flowers to produce this grade of ylang. Generally the Ylang Extra fraction is distilled during the first 1.5 hours of distillation but the Ylang Superior Extra arises in the first 45 minutes and it is the most ethereal  and suave note of all the Ylang fractions.
In natural perfumery it is used in high class florals, Oriental and Tropical bouquets, fruit accords, garland perfumes.
Blends well with amyris eo; amber sweet melange; ambrette seed eo, co2 and absolute; anise seed eo and co2; apple melange; apricot melange; bergamot eo; basil eo and abs; bay leaf eo and abs; birch sweet eo; bois de rose eo; cananga eo; carnation abs; cardamom eo, co2 and abs; champaca abs; champa white flower eo and abs; cabreva eo; champa white leaf eo; cassie abs; cedarwood eo's and abs's; clove bud eo, co2 and abs; copaiba balsam eo; costus root eo and co2; citron eo; davana eo and co2; galbanum eo, co2 and abs; geranium eo and abs; gurjun balsam eo; hay absolute; ginger eo, co2 and abs; helchrysum eo and abs; hops co2; ho wood eo; jasmine abs; khella eo; lawang eo; lime eo; lime essence eo; lemon eo; lemon essence eo; lemon balm eo and co2; litsea cubeba eo; linden blossom abs and co2; mandarin eo; muhuhu eo; neroli eo; nigella damascena abs; orange blossom abs; nutmeg eo, co2 and abs; orange eo; orange essence eo; orange bitter eo; orris root eo, co2 and abs; osamanthus abs; peach melange; pear melange; peru balsam eo and abs; petitgrain eo; pineapple melange; plai eo; raspberry melange; poplar bud abs and eo; rose eo, co2 and abs; rosewood leaf eo; rosewood melange; rose leaf abs; saffron co2; sage clary eo and abs; sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; siamwood eo; strawberry melange; tangerine eo; tangerine essence eo; styrax eo and abs; tolu balsam abs; tonka bean abs; vanilla abs and co2; zdravetz eo and abs; yuzu eo