Delicate Lotus Fragrance

The delicate fragrance of a lotus which was gathered yesterday from the lily-pond of a neighboring Buddhist monastery, fills my room as I begin to write of this peerless flower of Farther India. It bends gracefully over the rim of the glass vase holding the fountain of "heaven water" from which it draws refreshment. Its petals are rose-pink, growing brighter and redder toward the tips, where one can almost imagine the life-blood of the flower is oozing out and will soon drop upon the white mat of the table. Opening the rosy lips, the golden heart of the flower is disclosed surrounded by a silky fringe of stamens of the same bright hue, edged with pure white pollen. The leaves of the plant are dark green, 
almost round and lie or float upon the bosom of the lake. The stems are like long green serpents rearing their spiral forms from the black ooze beneath the water, and holding aloft their banners of green, and blossoms of beauty and fragrance. 
Siam: or, The heart of farther India
By Mary Lovina Cort