Mimosa Absolute

Mimosa Absolute / Powdery, Green, Floral, Woody / very viscous golden liquid / $125 oz Acacia decurrens

  • Product #1565
  • Part Distilledflowers
  • OriginFrance
Mimosa Absolute(pure) from France is a golden viscous liquid that requires gentle heating to become a flowable liquid. It displays a fine, soft, sweet, powdery, velvety, floral, violet like bouquet with a green, woody undertone of good tenacity.
The French extracted Mimosa is easier to use than the Indian extracted Mimosa which tends to be a solid plastic mass which is difficult to melt.
In natural perfumery it is use in high class florals, colognes, new mown hay, chypre
"The absolute is used in numberous lilac bases, violet, muguet, high class new mown hay, colognes, ambres, etc. Actually mimosa absolute will generally act to round off 'rough notes' from synthetic materials and 'lift' the natural materials in a perfume composition. The radiance deriving from the mimosa absolute alone is amazing, and taking this fact into consideration, the material is is very economical."
Steffen Arctander from Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin
A black ostrich, followed by several young ones, was seen a little to the left of the road, but we did not molest them. At seven we halted at the Gamka River. In the morning I took a ramble along its banks. The beauty and fragrance of innumerable mimosa trees in blossom were delightful. Many lizards were running about in various directions. A wide-spreading mimosa, standing by itself a little way off, attracted my attention by the liveliness of its green, foliage, and the number of the flowers by which it was studded, which glittered in the sun like so many newly-coined guineas.