Christmas Tree Melange

Christmas Tree Melange
Christmas Tree Melange

A single Hemlock, standing alone, with every curving line ridged with snow, through which the feathery green shines darkly, is a fair sight, a Christmas emblem, a tree of beauty. When the sun shines and the snow melts, a faint aromatic fragrance emanates from the dripping foliage, as if the tree were burning incense. This delicate perfume, full of soft suggestion, completes the charm of this wonderful tree, precious alike for nobleness of shaft and grace of branch and leafage, seeming forever to associate it in one's mind with that dear holiday of childhood, which is the solemn festival of maturity.
            -- Garden and forest, Volume 4, edited by Charles Sprague Sargent

Christmas Tree Melange is a water-white to pale yellow liquid that is a masterful blend of the the essential oils of Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir and Nordman Fir. 
This lovely essence captures the beauty of the holiday season in its crisp, delicately sweet, balsamic resinous bouquet so dear to the hearts of young and old alike whose lives are deeply touched by this aromatic gift of the towering evergreen trees whose stately beauty graces the landscape of Northern climates. 
Christmas Tree melange can be enjoyed on its own or if one wishes they may add 5% of of any one of the precious conifer absolutes like Silver Fir, Atlas Cedar, White Spruce, White Cedar, Pine Needle etc. The absolutes give added body, richness and depth to the melange and while contributing their own special aromatic attributes, also act as a natural fixative to the blend.

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