Delicious Fragrance of Henna Flowers

The whole plant is one in the highest degree " grateful to the senses of sight and smell." The deep grey bark of the stem, the transparent, emerald green of the foliage, the rich blending of white blossoms, interspersed with golden anthers—something resembling in habit of growth our English spring favourite, the lilac—contribute to make the Henna conspicuous among flowering plants, and second in beauty not even to the Myrtle in full bloom. The clusters of flowers exhale a delicious fragrance that fills chamber, garden, and forecourt. Branches are to be found scattered about the apartments of the Easterns; and no fair inhabitant of the Harem or Zenana considers her morning toilet complete without a sprig or two of the scented blossom fastened to her loose robes or even carried in her bosom—recalling in this respect the poetic allusion of the Song of Songs, "My love is to me as a cluster of Henna flowers—of Henna flowers from the gardens of Engedi.
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