Cooling Khus

Vetiver Mats/Tattis for Windows

Vetiver blinds, that lend
To burning summer noons
The scented chill
Of winter nights.

We started the day with breakfast at home before school.  In the summer we would go home after school finished, have lunch, and take a nap in the bedroom using a khus tatti to cool the room.  Only the young kids took naps.  The adults and older children worked or occupied themselves in some way.  The khus tatti was a mat made of roots and fibers of some kind which would hang like a curtain in the door way and fit tightly inside the doorway leading from the bedroom to the verandah.  A slow drip of water would drip on to the tatti and the evaporating water would cool the room.  The principle of the khus tatti is similar to the principle of the "swamp coolers" in Phoenix, AZ, but they smelt incredibly much better!-