Possible Sources for essential oils in the USA(organic, wild harvest and conventional)

Possible Sources for essential oils in the USA(organic, wild harvest and conventional)

The following information is compiled in the hopes that it may help folks who have been buying
oils from us over the years to find new sources for them as we slim down our operation and
focus on unique oils special to White Lotus Aromatics.

The search for essential oils, co2 extracts, absolutes, etc that resonate with one
is a highly individual process. Everyones needs are unique. I do not personally recommend 
any one company over another. It is wise to interact with several different companies
and see how one feels about each. Then order samples to see if the oils one is receiving
match ones expectations.
I myself do not possess any in-depth knowledge of USA based companies because
our main effort has been towards direct importation of oils from around the world
so this list is simply meant as a starting point for ones own quest.
Aside from investigating specific companies one can also do internet searches for specific
oils. For instance “Rosemary essential oil”  You can add further qualifying terms
like the country of origin(i.e. Tunisia), method of cultivation (i.e. organic, wild harvested, etc)
 and so forth. It may prove useful also to search for an oil by its scientific name(ie.rosmarinus officianalis essential oil)
In this way one is bound to find numerous sources.
Also one can consult the database put up by Good Scents Company in which you can search
for Absolutes, Essential Oils, extracts etc. 
That database will provide you with names of companies both in the USA and internationally
that offer specific essences
Another excellent resource who wish to get into direct importing is Andrea Butje’s Distiller Directory.
Andrea has traveled worldwide to meet with distillers and has done a remarkable work in compiling
a list of artisan distillers that offer quality oils.

Here is a basic list of USA based companies that offer essential oils, absolutes and co2 extracts. As mentioned above
my practical knowledge of each company is negligible so it is up to the person contacting any of the listed companies to make their own decisions as if they can fulfill their needs. Procure samples and interactions with the folks working there will assist in determining if one would like to proceed with larger purchases.

John Steele/Lifetree Aromatic

Bulk Apothecary

Eden Botanicals

Mountain Rose

Organic Infusions

Natures Gift

Sunrise Aromatics

Still point Aromatics

Ananda Apothecary

Artisan Aromatics

The Essential Oil Company


Amrita Aromatherapy