Bulk Wild Harvest Essential Oils from White Lotus

Dear Friends-
Kind greeting!
As most of you are aware, Suzanne and I are phasing out all essential oils and co2 extracts from our offerings slowly but surely.
We hope to have the process completed by the end of the summer if not sooner. 
We will be focusing our offering entirely in the realm of absolutes, blend and ruhs/attars/choyas.
I have compiled a list of possible sources for smaller quantities of essential oils that I can send to you if you request it.
For those of you who would like to order for us in bulk quantities I have compiled a list of essential to be found below. 
Should you wish to have us special orders for you in larger quantities please note these important things
1. We do not have any paperwork like batch specific gc/ms, allergen reports, third party certification.
All I have is a simple coa and msds which I can forward to you at your request when you place a firm order
for any oil.
2. I will require prepayment for any oil that I special order as I have to prepay from side.
3. There can be no returns on any oil that is special ordered. I mention this because in the world of natural aromatics
there can be considerable olfactory variation from batch to batch. It is simply a part and parcel of what happens
when something is growing in nature with variations of soil types, microclimates, rain or no rain, etc
4. Prices are as of today February 6th. Hence they are approximate. Prices change rapidly in the essential market.

5. Lead time is 1-4 weeks for special orders

Wild harvest Essential Oils-16 ounce minimum
All prices listed below are the 16 ounce prices

African Blue Grass/Cymbopogon valid(South Africa)-$300
Armoise/Mugwort/Artemisia vulgaris(Morocco)-$175
Artemisia White Sage Brush(Artesia ludoviciana)-$300
Australian Balm Mint Bush/Prosanthera melissfolia(Australia)-$225
Bay Leaf/Pimenta racemosa(West Indies)-$250
Birch, Sweet/Betula lenta(USA) USA-$175
Birch Tar/Betula pendula(Europe)-$200
Blue Tansy/Tanacetum annum(Morocco)-$1500(irregularly available)
Buccha/Barosma betulina(South Africa)-$350
Calamus Root(Nepal)-$175
Camphor, White(China)-$100
Cananga/Cananga odorata microphyllum(Indonesia)-$175
Cape Snowbush/Eriocephalus africanus(South Africa)-$700
Cape May/Coleonema album(South Africa)-$550
Carrot Seed(Austria)-$225
Cedar leaf, Western Red/Thuja plicata(Canada)-$175
Cedar wood, Atlas(Morocco)-$100
Cedar wood, Virginia/Juniperus virginiana(USA)-$100
Cedarwood, Himalayan(India)-$100
Cedar wood, Texas/Juniperus mexicana(USA)-$100
Cedar wood heartwood, Western Red Cedar(dark  reddish brown color)-$200
Cedar wood heartwood, Western Red Cedar(amber color)-$225

Chamomile Wild/Ormensis mixta(Morocco)-$625

Cinnamon bark/Cinnamomum zeylanicum(Madagascar)-$380
Copaiba balsam(Brazil)-$125
Combava Petitgrain/Citrus hysteria(Madagascar)-$250
Cypress, Blue/Callitris entropica(Australia)-$450
Cypress/Cupressus sempirvirens(Crete)-$125
Cypress, Alaska/Cupressus nootkatenis-$150
Cypriol-Nagarmotha/Cyperus scariousus(India)-$325
Erigeron/Erigeron canadensis(USA)-$150
Eucalyptus globulus(Corsica)-$200
Eucalyptus dives-Peppermint eucalyptus(South Africa-$100
Eucalyptus smith(South Africa)-$100
Fir Balsam/Abies balsam(Canada)-$125
Fir Douglas/Pseudotsuga menziesii(Balkans)-$225
Fir Grand/Abies grandis(USA)-$250
Fir Siberian/Abies siberica(Russia)-$100
Fir Silver/Abies alba(Austria)-$125
Frankincense/Boswellia carterii(Somalia)-$250
Frankincense/Boswellia frereana(Somalia)$400
Frankincense, Sacred/Boswellia sacra(Oman)-$450
Frankincense, India/Boswellia serrata-$355
Galbanum/Ferula galbaniflua(Iran)-$300
Greenheart Wood/Warburgia ugandensis(East African)-$425
Gurjun Balsam(Light)-$100
Gurjun Balsam(Dark)-$100
Hinoki/Chamaecyparis obtusa(Japan)-$250
Hiba/Thujopsis dolabrata(Japan)-$275
Ho Wood/China-$100
Kapur kachari/Hedychium spicatum(India)-$175

Khella/Ammi visage(Morocco)-$450
Lantana/Lantana camera(Madagascar)-$250
Laurel Leaf(Crete)-$225
Lavender, Wild/Lavandula angustifolia(Bulgaria)$275
Lavender, Wild/Lavandula angustifolia(France)$300
Lavender Spike/Lavandula latifolia(Spain)$175
Leleshwa/Tarchonanthus camphor(Kenya)$275
Marjoram, Sweet/Origanum majorana(Egypt)-$200

Muhuhu/Brachylaena hutchinsii)-$275
Myrrh/Commiphora myrrha(Ethiopia-$500
Myrrh/Commiphora myrrha(Somalia)-$400
Myrtle/Myrtus communis(Morocco)-$250
Myrtle Linalool Rich(Austria)-$300
Nerolina/Melaleuca qunquenerva(Australia)-$250

Opoponax/Commiphora erythraea(Kenya)-$300
Orange Sweet West Indies-$100
Oregano/Origanum vulgaris(Turkey)-$200
Palo Santo(Ecuador)-$475
Petitgrain combava/Citrus hysteria(Indonesia_-$225
Pine Black/Pinus nigra(Bulgaria)-$100
Pine Dwarf MountainPinus mugs(Italy)-$250
Pine Scots/Forest/Pinus sylvestris(Austria)-$100
Pine Swiss Stone/Pinus cembra(Austria)-$225
Pine White/Pinus strobus(Canada)-$250
Pepper Pink/Schinus molle(Kenya)-$325

Pla/Zingerber cassuminar(Thailand)-$450
Ponderosa Pine/Pinus ponderosa(Argentina)-$200
Ravensara aromatica(Madagascar)-$300
Ravintsara/Cinnamomum camphor(Madagascar)-$150
Rhododendron Leaf(Rhododendron anthopogon)-$400
Rosemary camphor rich(Spain)-$125
Rosemary cineolel rich(Tunisia)-$125
Rosemary, African/Eriocephalus racemosus(South /africa-$400
Rue/Ruta graveolens(Spain)-$300
Sage Spanish/Salvia lavandufolia(Spain)-$125
Sandalwood,/ Santalum austrocaledonicum(New Caledonia)-$1200
Savory, Mountain/Satureja montana(Spain)-$225
Siamwood/Fokeinia hodginsii(Vietnam)-$150
Spikenard(amber colored)/Nardstachys jatamansi(India)-$500
Spikenard(green colored)-$550
Spruce, Black/Picea mariana(Canada)-$175
Spruce, White/Picea glauca(Canada)-$225
St Johns Wort(Bulgaria)-$850
Sugandh kokila/Cinnamomum glaucsens-$200
Sugandh mantri/Homalomena aromatica-$150
Tansy Blue/Tanacetum annum(Morocco)$1600
Thyme borneol rich/Thymus satureoides(Morocco)-$175
Thyme Red/Thymus zygis(Spain)-$225
Thyme gerianol rich/Thymus syperillum(Albania)-$225
Tomar Seed/Zanthozhylum armatum(India)-$150
Yarrow Blue(England)-$700
Verbena, African/Lippia japonica(South Africa)-$250

32 ounce minimum

Frankincense, India/Boswellia serrata-$355
Juniper Berry(India)-$225