Bulk Organic Essential Oils/White Lotus Aromatics

Dear Friends-
Kind greeting!
As most of you are aware, Suzanne and I are phasing out all essential oils and co2 extracts from our offerings slowly but surely.
We hope to have the process completed by the end of the summer if not sooner. 
We will be focusing our offering entirely in the realm of absolutes, blend and ruhs/attars/choyas.
I have compiled a list of possible sources for smaller quantities of essential oils that I can send to you if you request it.
For those of you who would like to order for us in bulk quantities I have compiled a list of essential to be found below. 
Should you wish to have us special orders for you in larger quantities please note these important things
1. We do not have any paperwork like batch specific gc/ms, allergen reports, third party certification.
All I have is a simple coa and msds which I can forward to you at your request when you place a firm order
for any oil.
2. I will require prepayment for any oil that I special order as I have to prepay from side.
3. There can be no returns on any oil that is special ordered. I mention this because in the world of natural aromatics
there can be considerable olfactory variation from batch to batch. It is simply a part and parcel of what happens
when something is growing in nature with variations of soil types, microclimates, rain or no rain, etc
4. Prices are as of today February 6th. Hence they are approximate. Prices change rapidly in the essential market.
5. Lead time is 1-4 weeks for special orders

The following list is for organic oils in 16 ounce quantities unless otherwise indicated.

Basil Methyl chavicol(India)-16 ounces-$100
Basil Holy/Ocimum sanctum)-16 ounces-$150
Bergamot(Italy)-16 ounces-$250
Bergamot bergapetene free/Italy-$250
Cajeput(Vietnam)-16 ounce-$100
Cardamon(Sri Lanka)-16 ounces-$425
Chamomile Blue/Maticaria chamomile(Austria)-$1000
Chamomile English/Roman(France)-$1000
Cinnamon bark(Sri Lanka)-$500
Cinnamon Leaf(Sri Lanka)-16 ounces-$100
Citronella(India)-16 ounces-$100
Davana/Artemisia pallens(India)-$600
Eucalyptus globulus(India)-16 ounces-$100
Eucalyptus citriodora-16ounces-$100
Eucalyptus radiata-16 ounces-$150
Fir Balsam(Canada)-16 ounces-$175
Fennel Sweet(Egypt) 16- ounces-$225
Geranium(Egypt)-16 ounces-$275
Ginger Fresh(Madagascar-$400
Hyssop(Spain)-16 ounces-$175
Laurel Leaf(Austria)-$250
Lavender(Bulgaria)16 ounces-$250
Lemon(Italy)-16 ounces-$100
Lemon Tea Tree(South Africa)-16 ounces-$230
Lemongrass-16 ounces-$100
Lime(Sri Lanka distilled) 32 ounces-$200
Nutmeg(Sri Lanka)-16 ounces-$200
Orange Sweet(USA) 16 ounces-$75
Oregano/Origanum compactum(Morocco)-16 ounces-$250
Oregano/Origanum vulgare(Austria)-$250
Palmarosa(India) 16 ounces-$125
Patchouli Iron Free-16 ounces-$150
Pepper Black(Sri Lanka)-16 ounces-$375
Peppermint, Japanese(India) 16 ounces-$100
Pine Jack/Pinus banksiana(Canada) 16 ounces-$300
Pine, Forest/Scots/Pinus sylvestris(Austria)-$200
Rose Geranium(South Africa)-16 ounces-$400
Rose Geranium/Pelargonium rose(Madagascar)-$425
Rosemary-cineole rich(Morocco)-16 ounces-$125
Rosemary verbenone(Corsica) 16 ounces-$350
Sage Clary.Salvia sclarea(Austria)-16 ounces-$350
Spearmint(India) 16 ounces-$125
Spruce, Black(Canada)16 ounces-$250
Spruce Norway/Picea abces(Italy)-16 ounces-$225
Star Anise(Vietnam)-16 ounces-$125
Tea Tree(Australia)-16 ounces-$125
Tagetes(India) 16 ounces-$150
Turmeric(Madagascar) 16 ounces-$300
Thyme thymol rich/Thymus vulgarism)-16 ounces-$200
Vetiver(Haiti)-16 ounces-$370
Wintergreen(Nepal)-16 ounces-$175
Ylang Extra(Madagascar)-16 ounces-$500
Ylang Complete(Madagascar)-16 ounces-$275
Yuzu(Japan)16 ounces-$500

32 ounce minimum

Cinnamon bark/Cinnamomum burmanii(Indonesia)-$500
Clove Bud(Indonesia)-$230
Coriander Seed-Hungary-$350
Fennel Sweet -Hungart-$250
Lavandino Grosso-France-$175
Lavender Fine Population(France)-$450
Lavender Mailette(France)-$400
Lawang bark/Cinnamomum culillawan(Indonesia)-$350
Oregano(Origanum vulgaris)-$300
Rosemary camphor rich(Spain)-250