Youth by Leo Tolstoy
Have you ever happened to fall asleep on a gloomy, rainy summer day, and, awaking at sundown, to open your eyes; through the broadening quadrilateral of the window, beneath the canvas awning, that, blown up by the wind, strikes its rod against the window-sill, to observe the shady, lilac side of the avenue of lindens, wet from rain, and the damp garden path, illuminated by the slanting rays of the sun; suddenly to hear the merry life of the birds in the garden; to see the insects that, translucent in the sun, hover in the opening of the window; to smell the fragrance of the air after the rain; to think "How ashamed I am to have slept through such an evening ;" and hurriedly to jump up, in order to run into the garden to enjoy life? If such a thing has happened to you, you have a picture of that powerful feeling which I experienced at that time.

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