The Woods in October By Caroline A. Creevey
There is a peculiar fragrance about the autumn woods— a fruity, spicy, balsamic odor, suggesting ripe grapes and pine woods. It is nature fruiting. Seeded asters and goldenrods, half-dried leaves, aged thoroughwort flowers, sassafras, all such things contribute to this subtle fall atmosphere, so delicious to breathe and smell. But it needs the warm sunshine to bring it out, just as new-mown hay needs the heat to make it sweet. On a sunny day in October one should take a holiday in the woods. For there is no other month like this. We love the pale, shy beauty of spring and the rare day in June. But summer brings its fierce heats, and September is usually, a dusty, droughty, windy month. Suddenly the gorgeous skies and soft airs of October are upon us, making us long to dream a lifetime away surrounded by this perfect atmosphere, and this beauty which is like the purple robe of a queen bedecked with gems.