The dense foliage of the stately lindens and hickories, and the filling-in of every interspace by the hornbeams, throws so dark a shadow as to give to the spot a gloomy aspect; yet it is very attractive. Where the channel narrows, so that the branches of the trees upon its banks are closely interlocked.the sunlight is excluded during summer and early autumn, often for considerable distances. Flowers are wanting, except when the rank May-apple is in bloom, and later the honey-sweet blossoms of the linden scent the air and draw millions of bees from all the country round. The humming of these creatures, as they are busy in the branches overhead, drowns all other sound, dulling even the clear whistling of the crested tit, and by its monotony adds, in early summer, to the gloom of Linden Bend.
Waste-land wanderings
By Charles Conrad Abbott

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