Our road then suddenly left the river valley, striking through a thrifty wood up a rocky hill-side, and passing over the eminence, we looked down upon a rich “ bottom,”girdled with hills, and walled by crags in some places, which rose abruptly from the green meadow as from the surface of a lake, whose bed it doubtless was at no very remote period. A fine stream traversed this grassy flat, which was crossed by a road of made ground hedged with silver willows. A few bleak looking fields of rough arable land succeeded, and then another valley, with a beautifully undulating surface, dotted here and there with stone farm-houses and great red barns, and perfectly odorous with the fragrance of buckwheat fields. The color of these barns per se is in execrable taste; but the effect in a landscape is like that of a red flannel shirt upon a fisherman in a sea. piece ; each relieves not only the prevailing color of blue or green, as‘ the case may be, but the decided hue often sets off the softer shades of other tints; giving at once to the picture warmth from itself, and delicacy from the other colors, which are thus thrown in contrast.
The American Monthly Magazine, Volume 8