It was the clustering blossoms of the silver-linden scenting the air. Now when the birds saw .the widespreading shade, so cool and inviting, they came flying in great numbers to nestle in it, and sang their sweetest songs. Then the bees in their turn perceived that there was something quite peculiarly fragrant about this tree, and they came by thousands, and sipped and sipped, and drew the sweetest honey from the blossoms. And whenever the sound of village church-bells streamed up from the valley, the tone was caught and held fast within the leafy dome, forming the keynote to the trill of the birds and the humming of the bees. The squirrels, too, were always leaping from branch to branch and from bough to bough, so that there was one perpetual round of mirth, and song, and dancing in that hospitable shade.
The Independent, Volume 53

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