It is in vain to talk of danger where sensuality preponderates; numerous accidents cure not men of epicurism; whole families are poisoned by gathering mushrooms in the wood of Boulogne, the forest of St. Germain, and at Meudon. An ordonnance of police was affixed to the gates of the wood of Boulogne, prohibiting the gathering of any species of mushroom; but gluttony was victorious, and paid the forfeiture of its folly. The late Prince of Conti having seen one of his musicians perish, with all his family, took a man remarkable for swiftness of foot into his service, whose sole employment was to hunt for mushrooms. Many noblemen in France have done the same. It is. possible to distinguish such as are venomous from, the innoxious. Nothing can be compared to the fragrance and delicacy of some kinds of mushrooms; they are scented with exquisite odours,, though sometimes they are a dear bought pleasure. It is then necessary to learn to distinguish such as may be used with safety. We trample under foot some species that might be placed on our tables with impunity, whilst we use
use those that are eminently pernicious. It might be better not to eat them at all, but no morality preaching absolute privation is attended to. Why should we be denied a delicious dish, which by a little attention becomes perfectly innocent?
Paris Delineated: From the French of Mercier, Including a ..., Volume 2
By Louis-Sébastien Mercier

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