Fragrance Quote November 15h, 2011-Travel, reminiscences and experiences By Emil Klopfer

Fragrance Quote November 15th, 2011-Travel, reminiscences and experiences By Emil Klopfer

In the early morning, when I galloped along driving the cattle before me, the dew still glistening on the grass, the earth giving forth that subtle, exquisite perfume that one only experiences at this hour; when the sun mounted in the east, sending its long, level rays of quivering gold across the landscape at its magic touch, sky, grass, trees, all ablaze with wonderful colors; when the chirps and whistles of innumerable birds came from the thickets and groves, as they cleared their little throats for their usual matin songs; when rabbits, coyotes and squirrels, startled by the hoof-beats of my horse, scurried away in every direction—then I felt that exquisite, that indescribable joy of life that comes to us only in youth, when our hearts and souls are clean and unsullied by the world. A sense of sincerest gratitude towards the Creator of our beautiful world surged through my heart at such moments, and I could not but pity all those of my fellow-creatures who were not capable of this enthusiastic delight in the sublimity and tenderly exquisite beauty of nature.File:A passagem do gado.jpg