But the pines and the hemlocks, for landscapes, are the monarchs of the evergreens; the pine is king, and the hemlock queen of the race. They are regal from the day when the needlelike leaves of the pine, or the grain-shaped leaves of the hemlock peep out of the soil, till they are thrust a hundred feet and more toward heaven, and poised on their smooth polished pillars, great masses of perennial verdure and freshness and balmy odor. By mingling these evergreens with the deciduous trees, we are arranging spaces for Nature to put on a vast variety of forms and colors, and to work more wonders beneath our eyes in our landscape than the mirage can do. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter will all become artists for us, and show us a skill beyond the imagination of the past. We may thus change the character of the country almost, and indeed its climate, in a large degree. Evergreen trees attract and condense moisture from the air. They also act to moderate the heat of summer and the cold of winter. For it has been found, by experiment, that their leaves produce, by the friction of the air blown by winds through them, a degree of heat which no other tree does. In winter, therefore, they will warm the country, and in summer their pointed leaves will radiate heat and produce abundant dews."
Fragrant Conifers from Transactions, Volume 8