Bayberry Candles-Nye family of America

Every farmer raised flax and wool, and every woman could knit, spin and weave. Everything needed for home consumption, food, drink, medicine, fire and light, was close at hand, but it required much of woman's industry and skill to convert the raw material into comfort and cheer for the home. The housekeeper, rich or poor, superintended all branches of her household matters. She dried berries, as well as apples and pumpkins, for the winter's use. Candles were the universal light for centuries. We read this little verse written in the sixteenth century:
"Wife, make thine own candle,
Spare penny to handle.
Provide for thy tallow ere frost cometh in.
And make thine own candle ere winter begin."
Yet we can remember the candle dipping and still see those pretty girls giving "extra dips" to their " courting candles." And never shall we forget the sweet odor of the bayberry candles which we liked to blow out so as to enjoy their perfume.
Bayberry Candles-Nye family of America
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