Macchie Grecian Perfume

Macchie or Maquis is a word given to the combined essence of fragrant shrubs covering the hillsides of Greece and the surrounding Mediterranean Islands. These shrubs include juniper, lavender, juniper, cistus, mastic, geranium, arbutus, pine, broom, rosemary, and olive.
The combined bouquet of these aromatic plants is renowned for its perfume which can be smelled far out to sea.
The Macchie Grecian Perfume is created in honor of this unique aromatic grouping of plants as designed and created by Natures own design.
Remember that the above recipe is simply a perfume creation according to my own personal likes. I do not blend professionally so do not have any knowledge of what might appeal to folks in general.
Formulas are, in any case, shared to inspire others to follow their own vision of what is aromatically beautiful.
Remember always to allow your perfumes to age 6 months from the time of blending the essences as it requires that much time for all the components of the perfume to settle into a balanced relationship with each other.