Fougere Accord

Fougere Accord from White Lotus Aromatics

As in the case of Chypre, for a number of years I have been thinking of offering a natural Fougere Accord around which perfumers could build their own signature fragrances. A classic Fougere is built around Oakmoss absolute, Lavender Absolute and Tonka Bean Absolute but to this central cord many unique additions can as the balance of these three wonderful essences has a universal aromatic quality  that allows diverse essential oils and absolutes to blend harmoniously with it. The rich herbaceous notes of Lavender, in combination with the deep sweet coumarinic notes of Tonka Bean Absolute, and earthy, mossy, forest notes of Oakmoss absolute is very elegant and is further enriched by a complex herbal bouquet as offered by Geranium essential oil or absolute.

This elegant olfactory accord can be enjoyed by itself or as the starting point for creating:
Fougere Aromatic(Cardamom eo, Cinnamon Bark eo and abs, Bay leaf eo, Ginger eo, Nutmeg eo and abs)
Fougere Amber(Vanilla abs, Labdanum abs and eo, Ambrette Seed eo and abs, Sweet Amber Melange, Amber Agarwood Melange, etc)
Fougere Precious Woods(Atlas Cedar abs and eo, Himalayan Cedarwood eo, Texas Cedarwood eo, Eaglewood eo, Agarwood eo, Musk Melange, Ambergris Melange, Sandalwood eo and abs,  Ruh khus , Vetiver eo, Patchouli eo and abs etc),
Fougere Forest(White Spruce abs, Black Spruce abs,  White Cedar abs, Fir Balsam abs, Templin eo, Silver Fir eo, Forest Pine eo, etc.

The Fougere Accord is  a blend of Tonka Bean abs, Lavender abs, Oakmoss Abs, Hay abs, Clary Sage abs, Geranium essential oil, Patchouli essential oil in a ratio of 25% of the above mentioned pure essences in a 75% perfumers ethanol. This gives a perfume strength blend which may be enjoyed by itself or as a base for further perfume work.

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