Fragrance Diary for Study of Natural Essences

Fragrance Diary
What part of aromatic plant is the essence from?
Root__  Bark__  Leaf__  Flower__
Seed__  Wood__
What classification is the fragrance under?
Animalic__ Balsamic__ Campheraceous__Citrus__ Coniferous__
Earthy__ Floral__ Fruity__ Green/Leafy__ Herbaceous__ Medicinal__
Minty__ Resinous__ Spicy__ Woody__
Volatility and Tenacity
Top Note(very volatile, lacks tenacity)__
Heart note(intermediate volatility and tenacity)__
Base note(low volatility and high tenacity)__
What element is the fragrance associated with?
Earth__ Water__ Fire__
|Air__  Etheric__
To what gender does the fragrance belong?
Feminine/Yin__  Masculine/Yang___  Neutral__
Which vehicle of human consciousness does this fragrance relate. too?
Inspirational/Spiritual__  Intellect/Mental___
Emotional/Aesthetic__  Physical/Practical__
Mood evoked by this fragrance?
Vivacity__ Passion__ Mystery__ Euphoria__ Fantasy__ Serenity__ Clarity__
Qualities of the fragrance?
Stimulant__ Erogenic__ Sultry__ Narcotic__ Soothing__ Antierogenic__ Fresh__ Exhalting__
Season with which fragrance is associated?
Spring__ Summer__  Fall__ Winter__
Ayurvedic qualities of the fragrance?
Hot__ Cold__ Moist__ Dry__
Chakra with which this fragrance is associated?
Root__ Sexual__ Solar Plexus__ Heart__ Throat__ Third Eye__ Crown
Color evoked by the fragrance?
Images that come to mind while smelling this essence?