Botanical Musk Perfume Base

A Recipe for Botanical Musk Perfume

One of the most delightful exercises for a perfumer is try ing to create botanical versions of perfumes originally of animal origin. It is by no means an impossible task and in that realm of experimentation there is ample room for creative expression whether is be creating a musk base, a leather base, an ambergris base etc.

Such perfumes are heavy on base notes as they are meant to be the foundation of of exotic perfumes which bestow on them not only their own unique aromatic profile but also give the perfume to which the y are added longevity .

Here is a possible starting point for a musk type of perfume with an animalic, amber, spicy, precious woods, delicate, sweet-powdery bouquet. Such recipes are only meant as a starting point for ones own creative work and are meant to be tweaked according to ones own perception of what is beautiful. And it is very important to note that for such blends to mature into their full beauty it shall certainly take a minimum of 6 months. To study a perfu me creation through its maturation process is both educational and exciting.

Musk Base

1 ounce Choya Nakh
1/2 ounce Cinnamon Bark essential oil or absolute
1/2 ounce Nutmeg essential oil or absolute
1/2 ounce Cardamon eo or abs
2 1/2 ounces Ambrette Seed eo or absolute
5 ounces Patchouli eo or absolute
1/2 ounce Virginia Cedarwood eo
1/2 ounce Tonka Bean Absolute(30% absolute/70% ethanol)

If one has a access to the absolutes of nutmeg, cinnamon bark, and cardamon-it can add a unique depth an richness to the blend.
This is of course a very concentrated base and one has to determine the percentage to use in further perfume creations in which it is to be used. At 5-10% it would have a good fixative effect.
There are innumerable variations one may create by increasing or decreasing above quantities of the above to accent a spicy note(cardamon, cinnamon or nutmeg) a precious woods note(patchouli and virginia cedar wood) sweet powered coumarinic note(tonka bean), musky(ambrette) or by adding other essences that help create the "musk" effect.