Placing an Order with White Lotus Aromatics

Placing an Order with White Lotus Aromatics

1. There is a $100 wholesale minimum(we are wholesale only)

2. All orders that meet the $100 minimum ship for free using UPS Ground

3. A sample order need not meet the $100 minimum but we request that no more than
10 samples be made at a time as it is the most time consuming part of what we do.
Sample prices are posted next to each oil. There is a flat $5.50 shipping fee for sample orders.

4. Washington State residents are required to provide us with a Washington Resellers Permit.
It can be sent as an email attachment( or faxed to us 360-452-6361.

5. We are a simple two person operation(Suzanne and I) endeavoring to source unique essential oils, co2 extracts, absolutes, etc from distillers and extractors around the world. But the only paperwork available are the MSDS and COA which are posted on the web site for each oil. Click the name of an essence in the shipping area and it will take you to a page with an olfactory description of the oil. At the bottom of the page are the MSDS and COA buttons. Press the button and it will bring up that document. We do not send the MSDS and COA with orders. You will need to print it out for your own records if you require them.

6. No allergin reports, batch specific gc/ms, third party organic certification, etc are available from us. If paperwork is a need of your business then we recommend that you work with a company larger than us who can provide you with what you need.

7. Bottles do not come with orifice reducers. You can get bottles with orifice reducers from Speciality Bottle Company. They do not have a minimum so you can order as much or as little as you like.

8. I always recommend that customers order samples of oils they are not famaliar with. In nature there are variations of olfactory properties of the very same genus and species of essential oil depending on many factors including place where grown, distillation technique, soil types, etc.
Variation is bound to occur in naturally grown aromatic plants.

9. There are no refunds on samples but on any size beyond sample size we will certainly accept returns but there is 20% restocking fee and the customer will need to pay the shipping charges back to us. It is for this reason also that I recommend getting samples first as it eliminates the expense of returning items that do not resonate with one.

10. I do not have any genuine knowledge of therapeutic use of essential oils. My entire relationship with the oils is through their olfactory properties. Hence I am not competent to give any guidance as to the use of the oils for therapeutic purposes.

11. All essences we offer are for external use only(not for internal consumption)