Fixatives in Natural Perfumery-

Fixatives in Natural Perfumery-
Fixatives are an important constituent of many natural perfumes.
The general purpose of a fixative is to act as medium where the other components of a perfume blend and mature and are then dispersed over a longer period of time than lighter, more volatile essences would on their own. In the realm of natural fixatives though, it is important to realize that few of them have the ability to hold and release the aromatic components of a perfume as long as synthetic, aromatic molecules created in the laboratory.

Natural fixatives(which we stock) are of several distinct types.
1.Those that have very mild aromatic properties(i.e. amyris eo, cabreuva eo, siamwood eo, guiacawood eo, sandalwood eo, balsam gurjun eo, copaiba eo, muhuhu eo etc) The essences in this category can be used in quite high percentages-up to 50% without significantly impacting the olfactory properties of the composition and a number of them are relatively inexpensive
allowing the perfumer to create a lovely perfume at a reasonable cost.

2. Those with more distinct but still mild aromatic properties(frankincense absolute and co2, sage clary absolute, balsam tolu absolute, benzoin absolute, peru balsam eo and abs, eaglewood eo, myrrh abs, Texas cedarwood, Atlas cedarwood abs etc) Fixatives in this category may be used up to 15%-20% in blends depending on the effect one wishes to achieve
3. Those with pronounced olfactory properties(vetiver eo, nagarmotha eo, ambergris(botanical) melange, sweet amber melange, galbanum co2 and abs, labdanum eo and abs, myrrh eo and co2, zdravetz eo, patchouli eo and abs, spikenard eo, stryax eo and abs, orris root abs and co2, oakmoss abs, ambrette seed abs, angelica root eo, musk(botanical) melange, tonka bean absolute etc) Fixatives in this category are generally used in smaller percentages 10% or lower. Angelica Root for example may have a profound effect on a composition in amounts below 1%
One of the great challenges for the perfumer is to find the fixative that matches the theme of the perfume they are creating. Sometimes it is not just one fixative but several blended together often drawn from more than one of the above categories that proves most effective.
In short fixatives are in themselves a wonderful realm to explore.
Most of the essences used as fixatives are extracted or distilled from roots, resins and woods. There are unlimited possiblities in
the creation of unique unique fixatives many of which would be superb liquid incense perfumes in themselves.