Essences Used in Creating Fougere

The Perfume Family "Fougere"(fern-like)is centered around the natural accord  of Lavender, Tonka Bean and Oakmoss. This combination of woodsy, powderey, coumarinic, mossy notes was originally considered a masculine fragrance but over years since it first captured the imagination of perfume lovers(in 1882 Houbigant Fougère Royale captured the imagination of perfume loves) this unique bouquet has taken on numerous forms so that it is loved by men and women alike.
Many subfamilies of Fougere now exist  including woody, spicy, floral,  ambery etc so the list of natural essential oils, absolutes and co2 extracts the woodsy, mossy, coumarinc(new mown hay) that can be used in creating special Fougeres is extensive. Some of the most popular essences for enchancing the Fougere bouquet are geranium eo and abs, vetiver eo and co2, clary sage eo and abs and patchouli eo, co2 and abs but a comprehensive list follows from which many variations of Fougere perfumes may be evolved. It is important to remember that there are many shared essences that can be used in such classic accords as form Fougere, Musk(Botanical), Amber(Botanical), Ambergris(botanical), Chypre, Oriental, etc but it is the choice and proportion of those essences combined with the specific accord that will bestow on the perfumers creation its unique charm.

Fougere Linksère

Essences for creating Fougere perfumes

Spicy/Aromatic Fougere

Allspice eo and abs
Bay leaf eo
Cardamon eo, co2 and abs
Cassia eo and co2
Chai Spice Melange
Cinnamon bark eo, co2 and abs
Clove Bud eo and abs
Fenugreek eo, co2 and abs
Nutmeg eo and abs
Saffron absolute

Woodsy Fougere

Agarwood eo
Birch Tar eo
Cade eo
Cedarwood Western Red Heartwood eo
Cedarwood Texas eo
Cedarwood Port Orford eo
Cedarwood, Virginia eo
Cedarwood, Atlas eo and abs
Cedarwood, Himalayan eo
Cedarwood White Absolute
Choya Loban
Choya Ral
Coriander eo
Eaglewood eo
Hiba eo
Hinoki eo
Mushroom absolute
Oakmoss absolute
Pine Needle absolute
Spruce White Absolute
Spruce Black Absolute
Vetiver eo and co2

Ambery/Oriental Fougere

Agarwood Amber Melange
Amber Sweet Melange
Ambergris Melange
Aglaia absolute
Ambrette seed eo, co2 andabs
Angelica root eo, co2 and absolute
Angelica seed eo
Benzoin abs and eo
Cypress abs
Cypriol/Nagarmotha eo
Fir Balsam absolute
Labdanum eo and abs
Patchouli eo and abs
Poplar Bud Absolute
Rose Leaf absolute
Sage Clary eo and abs
Tonka bean absolute
Vanilla absolute

Herbaceous Fougere

Artemisia annua eo
Basil eo and abs
Cape chamomile eo
Chamomile English/Roman eo
Chamomile Blue/German eo
Chamomile Wild Morocco eo
Davana eo and co2
Erigeron eo
Geranium eo and abs
Hyssop eo
Lavandin eo and abs
Lavender eo, co2 and abs
Leleshwa eo
Lovage Leaf eo
Rosemary eo and co2
Sage eo and abs
St. Johns Wort eo

Floral Fougere

Boronia abs
Cananga eo
Champa White Flower eo
Jasmine abs
Neroli eo
Orange Blossom abs
Osmanthus absolute
Rose eo and abs
Ylang eo and abs

Fresh Fougere(Citrus/Coniferous/Resin topnotes)

Basil eo and abs
Bergamot eo
Bergamot mint eo
Cistus eo
Citron eo
Combava peel eo
Cypress eo
Cypress, Alaskan eo
Fir Balsam eo
Fir Nobel eo
Fir Siberian eo
Fir Silver eo
Frankincense eo
Galbanum eo and co2
Juniper Berry eo
Lemon eo
Lime eo
Mandarin eo
Orange eo
Orange bitter eo
Pine eo's(Ponderosa, Forest/Scotch, Swiss Stone)
Tangerine eo
Templin eo
Yuzu eo