Essences Used in creating Botanical Musk

The term "Musk" in an olfactory sense, is used to describe a category of perfume that is primarily created through a blending of various essences that create a fragrance that is "animalic,powdery, woody, spicy, ambery, sweet" in odor. It is a perfume, much like amber and ambergris, that is a product of the perfumers own creative vision of what musk might be like as genuine musk is a product that few people in modern times have encountered. Hence one find a wide range of perfumes and fragrances bearing the name of musk.
One of the reasons for having a concentrated musk essence in one's palette is that along with such complex bases as ambergris and amber, it gives one a fine fixative that blends well with a wide range of aromatic materials and extends the olfactory life of perfume as a whole. Such complex bases are often used in percentages of up to 10% to anchor the other absolutes, co2 extracts, and essential oils interacting with them. Along with the fixative effect of the base(musk, ambergris, amber) each such base makes an unique exhalting contribution to the blend.
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Natural Essences for creating a Botanical Musk:

Agarwood eo and co2
Aglaia absolute
Allspice eo, co2 and absolutes
Ambrette Seed eo, co2 and absolute
Angelica Root eo, co2 and absolute
Beeswax Absolute
Benzoin Absolute
Birch Tar eo
Black Currant absolute
Buddhawood eo and co2
Cade eo
Cassia Bark eo and co2
Cedarwood Texas eo
Cedarwood Virginia eo
Cedarwood White absolute
Cedarwood Atlas absolute
Choya Nakh
Choya Ral
Choya Loban
Cinnamon bark eo, co2 and absolute
Cistus eo and absolute
Clary Sage eo and absolute
Clove Bud absolute and co2
Coffee co2 and absolute
Coriander Seed eo and co2
Costus eo and co2
Cypress Absolute
Cypriol/Nagarmotha eo and co2
Davana eo, co2 and absolute
Eaglewood eo
Erigeron eo
Fenugreek eo, co2 and abs
Fir Balsam Absolute
Frankincense co2 and absolute
Galbanum eo, co2 and absolute
Greenheart Wood essential oil
Guiacawood eo
Hay Absolute
Helichrysum Absolute
Hinoki eo
Hiba eo
Labdanum eo and abs
Lavandin absolute
Lavender absolute
Licorice co2 and absolute
Lovage Root eo, co2 and absolute
Mushroom absolute
Myrrh absolute and co2
Nutmeg Absolute
Oakmoss absolute
Patchouli eo, co2 and absolute
Poplar Bud Absolute
Rose Leaf Absolute
Rosewood Leaf eo
Ruh Khus
Ruh Kewda
Saffron absolute
Sandalwood eo, co2 and absolute
Spikenard eo and co2
Spruce White absolute
Spruce Blue absolute
Seaweed Absolute
Siamwood eo
Tonka Bean absolute
Valerian eo and co2
Vanilla co2 and absolute
Vetiver eo and co2
Zdravetz eo and absolute