Musk(Botanical) Melange

The term "Musk" in an olfactory sense, is used to describe a category of perfume that is primarily created through a blending of various essences that create a fragrance that is "animalic,powdery, woody, spicy, ambery, sweet" in odor. It is a perfume, much like amber and ambergris, that is a product of the perfumers own creative vision of what musk might be like as genuine musk is a product that few people in modern times have encountered. Hence one find a wide range of perfumes and fragrances bearing the name of musk.

One of the reasons for having a  concentrated musk  essencein one's palette is that along with such  complex bases as ambergris and amber, it gives one a fine fixative that blends well with a wide range of aromatic materials and extends the olfactory life of perfume as a whole. Such complex bases are often used in percentages of up to 10% to anchor the other absolutes, co2 extracts, and essential oils
interacting with them. Along with the fixative effect of the base(musk, ambergris, amber) each such base makes an unique exhalting contribution to the blend.

Musk(Botanical) Melange is created by blending together tonka bean absolute, ambrette seed absolute, cinnamon bark essential oil, choya nakh and several other essences in a base of patchouli essential oil. It displays a balanced  soft, smoky animalic, ambery, powdery bouquet with a delicate sweet woody, spicy, coumarinc undertone. It can be enjoyed both on its own or as a fine fixative base in perfume blending.