The Involuntary Prayer of Happiness by N P Willis

Night Scene
The Involuntary Prayer of Happiness by N P Willis

I have enough, oh God! My heart, to-night,
Runs over with the fulness of content;
And as I look out on the fragrant stars,
And from the beauty of the night take in
My priceless portion—yet myself no more
Than in the universe a grain of sand-
I feel His glory who could make a world,
Yet, in the lost depths of the wilderness
Leave not a flower imperfect!
Rich, tho' poor!
My low roof’d cottage is, this hour, a Heaven :
Music is in it—and the song she sings,
That sweet voic'd wife of mine, arrests the ear
Of my young child, awake upon her knee;
And, with his calm eye on his master's face
My noble hound lies couchant; and all here—
All in this little home, yet boundless Heaven—
Are, in such love as I have power to give,
Blessed to overflowing !

Thou, who look'st
Upon my brimming heart this tranquil eve,
Knowest its fulness, as Thou dost the dew
Sent to the hidden violet by Thee!
And, as that flower from his unseen abode
sends its sweet breath up duly to the sky,
changing its gift to incense—so, oh God!
May the sweet drops that to my humble cup
Find their far way from Heaven, send back, in prayer,
Fragrance at thy throne welcome!