Sweet Amber Melange

Sweet Amber Melange is a blend of natural essences obtained from vanilla, ambrette seed, nagarmotha, labdanum and several other select botanicals. It is amber colored viscous liquid displaying a wonderfu l rich, honeyed, resinous/balsamic bouquet with a deep precious woods undertone of fine tenacity.

As mentioned in an earlier blog on Ambergris, there has been and probably always will be some confusion as regards to the essences of ambergris and amber. Ambergris is a product obtained from whales and seldom appears in the perfumery market. Its olfactory qualities vary somewhat depending on the age of material and other factors(more can be read in the ambergris blog-http://www.whitelotusblog.com/2013/12/ambergris-botanical-melangeblend.html) Amber as it exists in the perfume world is almost entirely a fantasy creation based on sweet resinous and balsamic  materials such as benzoin, vanilla, ambrette, beeswax etc at the core with many other essences being added to create different effects. A true amber oil does exist but in actual fact its olfactory characteristics are much in the line of cade and birch tar ie smoky, phenolic, tar-like, camphoraceous.

One can never say precisely how the sweet versions of amber evolved but perhaps the visual beauty of the amber pieces inspired perfumers to create an essence that portrayed its rich, radiant colors.
Be that as it may sweet amber creations can be essences of great olfactory beauty.

Perfumery Notes on Amber and Ambergris