Forget-Me-Not by Eliza Craven Green

The ForGet-Me-Not By Eliza CRaven Green

Beautiful Flowers
 I gaze upon ye till within mine eyes
Tears for departed pleasures sudden rise,
And Memory showers
Bound me bright glimpses of a happier lot,
Sweet talisman of flowers, Love's own Forget-me-Not!
Here, here I pine,
Worn in the same dull round of petty toil,
The wasting hours of faded youth decline,
And the grave opens for the coming spoil;
For the dim weariness that ceaseless preys
On the crush'd spirit with its blighting power,
Warneth the victim, and its long delays
Fetter the dark wing of the coming hour
When all shall pass away!—Yet why repine?
The Vale of Shadows is already mine,
And Death can lift the veil that shrouds the Light Divine.
To me there cometh none
Of the bright glory of the summer sun;
I know it shines but by the sudden glare
Cast on dull walls and gathered roofs: I bare
My fevered forehead to the heated air,
But feel no breath of Summer redolent;
It comes not here: where I am captive pent,
I have not gazed upon a springing flower
Or green grass-blade, that sparkles in the dew
Of fragrant morn, or to the passing showers
Yields up its incense breath. Oh, pleasures new,—
Bright memories of Eden! all in vain
Was given a spirit yearning to be free
In nature's sylvan haunts! Bright Poesy!
The wooed, the loved, and lost, in vain to me
Thy charmed laurel wreath " did rustling play •"
Light of my early dreams, even thou hath past away.
Like to the son-ray on the dungeon chain
Of some worn captive, come ye, lovely flowers,
Albeit no hand of mine had power to cull
Your opening blooms, yet are ye beautiful!
Ye picture forth
The green banks of some dark translucent pool
O'erhung by arching trees, for ever cool,
Where the bright earth
Is carpeted with moss and flowers that seem
The sweet creations of a fairy's dream.
In that fair spot,
Open'd your azure eyes, Oh charmed Forget-me-Not!
Blest be the hand that bore your radiant bloom
To gladden eyes that gaze but on the tomb!