Varsha Ritu-Rainy Season in India

*Translation of the Parjanya Sukta from the Rigveda sung in Monsoon Ragas with specific metres:
“Then the winds blow…
Then the lightning’s fall…
Then, the flora sprouts and grows
Then the space overflows,
Then the land prepares for the welfare
When Parjanya the Rain God protects the earth by waters!”
 Rigveda 8.53 Parjanya Sukta
Varsha Ritu
July 20th-September 20th
Includes the months of Shraavana and Bhadrapa
Very Hot, Very Humid and Heavy Monsoon Rains
Season Festivals-Raksha Bandan, Krishna Janmaashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam

Origin of the Monsoon

These short-lived tempests prelude the grateful bursting of the monsoon, and introduce the varsha ritu or rainy season. The south-west monsoon blows steadily during this period and should bring with it abundance of rain. The rivers are swollen and sometimes impassable for days. The face of nature is clad in green and the ploughed fields receive the precious seed.
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 By Benjamin Lewis Rice

Rabindranath Tagore and The Monsoons

Celebrate the Rainy Season And be One with Nature

Monsoon Ragas

Monsoon Rain Newsletter

Varsha Ritu                In this season varun (synonym of rain) and Vayu (considered to be as monsoon) starts flowing, this is very essential for agriculture purpose. In this whole sky gets filled with clouds. Western winds blow. Air is damp and chilled. Rivers are flooded with water. Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) flowers bloom in rainy season. There is lightening in sky. Thunder sound is quite common in rainy season. Peacock (pavao cristasus) and an insect named indragopa (mutella occidentalis) appears in this season. Rainbow appears in sky after rain. Land is muddy and wet and there is vegetation all over the earth due to enough supply of water. In this season the digestive fire which got decreased in summers gets ignited again. Indian calendar marks this season as shravan-bhadrapada

Flowers of the Monsoon

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Ayurveda Varsha Ritu

Menu for Varsha Ritu

Monsoon with Man-Mohan-A depiction of the Monsoon Season in Nathdwara, Rajasthan

Monsoon Flowers


Kadam/Kadambo is a rainy season flower in Bangladesh

Lotus- Monsoon Season


 Onam the Festival of Flowers