Ritu(Seasons of India) Attars

In ancient India, a great importance was laid upon adapting oneself to the changing seasons which were six in number. In that earlier time none of the modern conveniences such as heaters, air conditioners, etc existed to make one partially immune to the many environmental factors that accompany each season(spring, summer, rainy season, cold season etc) Instead people changed their diet, the type of clothes they wore, the cosmetics and perfumes they used, etc so that they could remain comfortable and happy.

To celebrate this ancient heritage of adaptation to ones environment which existed in India, a series of Attars is being created that utilizes aromatic plants that either grow during a particu lar season or was used in one form or another to help the human body and mind to remain in a state of equilbrium during the times of external change.

The first in this series is Grishma Ritu(Summer or Hot Season)Attar. It contains Ruh Gulab/Rosa damascena(which was renowned for its cooling propertie, Mukhallat Attar(for its fruity floral notes as fresh and delicious fruits were highly recommended), Majmua Attar(which contains Ruh Khus/wild vetiver and Mitti/earth both having cooling properties) and other select nat ural essences and contained in a pure sandalwood base

Grishma Attar is a golden yellow liquid displaying a soft, sweet, fresh, roseaceous-fruity bouquet with a delightful cool, earthy, resinous undertone of very good tenacity.

Within the next couple of months we shall be introducting Varsha(Rainy Season), Basant(Spring Season), etc Attars