Hemant Ritu

Hemant Ritu

Includes Indian months of: Margashirsha (Agrahayana) and Pausha
November 20 to January 20
 Includes Indian festivals of: Pancha Ganapati (mid-Winter celebration), Bihu, Pongal, Sankranthi

Hemanta Ritu ( Winter Season )/Shishira Ritu ( Cold and Dewy Season )


During this season, digestive acitivity becomes powerful and sweet, salty &
sour food stuffs can be taken, which will keep in check the increasing Vata.
. Rising vata is obstructed by cold atmosphere. Wheat/ gramflour products,
corn, edible oils & sugarcane products can be incorporated in diet.

Oil Massage Therapy ( Abhyangam Achareth Nithyam ) to be done.

Exercise ( Vyayama ) .

It is better to clothe oneself in leather, silk & wool.

Be under the Sun for sometime - Sunlight is rich in Vitamin D - lest you be
affected by the Seasonal Affectional Disorder ( lack of Sunlight )

Dos in hemanta ritu (vihara):

1) You should give your body abhyanga or oil massage everyday.
2) Apply hair oil to head regularly.
3) Do sunbathing.
4) Stay in warm and cozy places.
5) Wear warm woolen clothes.
6) Apply lepa or paste of agaru or Eaglewood (Botanical name: Aquillaria agallocha) to the body. It keeps the body warm.