Parijata Attar(blend of essences)

Parijata Attar, in past times was a direct distillation of the flowers of Nycanthes arbortristis into sandalwood but due to a number of factors such a labor intensive harvesting of the tiny flowers, lack of the flowers for distillation, etc, it is no longer being done at least amongst the distillers in India that I know and trust.
For this reason the idea arose in my mind to create a lovely attar blending together several precious essences in an attempt to capture something of the spirit of the flower and its essence.
This attar contains Ruh Gulab(Rosa damascena), Ruh Juhi(Jasminum auriculatum), Saffron CO@, Tuberose absolute, Mukhallat Attar and several other costly essences.

The attar is a golden orange liquid displaying an ethereal, sweet, fresh, floral-fruity bouquet with a sublime interlacing of saffron.