Fragrance Quote for January 4th, 2013- Narrative of an expedition to the Polar Sea: in the years 1820 - 1823 By Edward Sabine

Winter landscape

Next day was a laborious one; after passing the marshes, we had to make our way through a thick wood of larch, poplars, and willows, to the only spot where the Tukulan could be forded. We pitched our tent on its wild shores. Before us were the snowy mountains, behind us the forest, and the silence around was only broken by the loud rushing of the torrent. We crossed early in the morning on the 20th, the current was formidable, and the water up to our saddles; but the bottom of the ford was hard, and we passed safely, though thoroughly wetted. We had to cross other streams less broad, but equally rapid. We found the valley of one of these so strewed with trunks of trees and masses of rock, brought down by the torrent when swollen by the melting of the snows in spring, that our horses made their way with difficulty. Winter seemed to have commenced; the thermometer was at 21°, and the ground was covered with snow. We were rather pleased with this foretaste of a nomad winter life. We chose for the night a clear spot of ground between high trees, which afforded some protection from the weather; we then swept away the snow, and dragged to the place so cleared the withered trunk of a tree, which formed the foundation of a blazing fire that sent its light far and near. Our guides soon strewed the ground round the fire with a quantity of dry branches, on which they placed a layer of the green branches of the dwarf cedar. On this fragrant carpet we pitched our three little tents, forming three sides of a square round the fire. Our guides thought the snowy ground on the fourth side quite good enough, and used their saddles for pillows. Whilst we pitched our tents, they unloaded the horses, rubbed them down with dry grass, and fastened them to the trees, that they might not eat snow or damp grass till they were cool.

Narrative of an expedition to the Polar Sea: in the years 1820 - 1823

 By Edward Sabine