Fragrant for January 6th, 2012-The Brickbuilder, Volume 9

Olive Tree (Olea europaea), Sardinia, Italy
It was the twenty-fifth of February, when, after a short run from Foligno, we slowly climbed the winding road which leads from the station up to the gate of Assisi. Although the fields were still dry and brown, the breath of spring was in the air, and the afternoon haze which hung over the sunny valley of the Tiber was mingled with the scent of burning leaves and of the freshly upturned earth. The gray-green olive trees mingled the tone of their foliage with that of the fields into that delicate, dusty brown color which is the prevailing note of an _ltalian winter landscape, scarcely contrasting the scenery itself with the domes of the great church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which rises so majestically above the plain.

The Brickbuilder, Volume 9