Fragrance Quote for December 9th, 2012-Scent of Christmas Cookies from In Its Own Country by Kate Hudson

Christmas cookies

"Along about the twelfth of December mother would begin her baking, and for the next week or ten days the house would be steeped in the scent of ginger, honey, cardamon, and caraway, and the huge box in the carefully guarded pantry corner would slowly fill to overflowing with cinnamon-stars, and almond-wreaths, with golden honeycakes and spicy, dark-brown Lebkuchen boys and girls, soldiers, sailors and every known (and unknown) species of animal and bird.
"On Christmas Eve the three younger ones would be sent to bed, and then mother and we two girls would trim the tree, not a very big one, but one straight-grown and sturdy — for father, himself, always selected it and cut it down — standing firmly planted in the very middle of our "good room." To its fragrant twigs we tied the glittering gold cones and nuts, red apples, bunchlets of raisins and the most artistic specimens of our cake; and wherever we could make one stick we would fasten a white candlekin. The simple presents were laid on the long, white-covered table under the tree. Of course, we were pretty tired when, at last, we went to bed, all soaked in Christmas sights, sounds and smells; and as we'd snuggle down into our soft, warm beds we would hear the faraway bells of Pritzwalk Church ringing in the Christmas Day, and calling the people to the midnight service, which mother often and father always attended.
In Its Own Country by Kate Hudson