Fragrant Quote for December 14th, 2012- Child-life(Christmas Memories) adapted from the Germ. of R. Reichenau By Crichton Campbell, Rudolph Reichenau

The Christmas Tree

What enchantment there is to a child newly awakened from slumber, and clean and pure as the starlight morning, in the perfect untouched freshness of a new day of life, before the charm of novelty has gone off, while still undisturbed by quickly forgotten strifes—while still unspoiled by naughty behaviour, which would banish all notion of infantine bliss—thus to begin to celebrate the highest festival of the year! What enchantment in this blending of day and night—in this cold and darkness outside, and warmth and brightness within—in this morning consecration and devotion, and jubilant mirth and gladness! What enchantment when the folding doors open, moved by an unseen hand at the well-known sound of a silvery tinkling bell, and the children rush in but stop short on the threshold, as if dazzled at the sight, till the parents bid them come in!
What enchantment when the first shock of delighted surprise is over, and they take possession of the precious gifts on the tree, and find that each child has got the very thing he was wishing for.: the little girl her dolls which she will never let out of her arms any more—the boys their drums and trumpets, which speedily make noise enough to drown the sound of the church-bells ringing for the early
 What enchantment in the peculiar aromatic fragrance there is about the branches of a Christmas-tree!—a fragrance which is quite unlike any other, and yet which has such a magical effect on the memory, that weeks and weeks before Christmas comes, whenever a wax taper burns out the children declare they "smell Christmas!" What enchantment, too, when the last light dies out on the tree, and they see glimmering through the green branches against the window the rosy light of sunrise, for the shutters have been opened and the curtains drawn back to let it freely enter!—to see the morning clouds glowing like Alpine peaks, and the wreathing columns of smoke above the houses tinged with a purple hue, looking like the smoke of sacrificc ascending from a cedar pile, and bearing with it the prayers of devout worshippers, rather than common smoke from blazing "Yule-log" fires.