Fragrant Quote for December 4th, 2012-MY FRIENDLY PINE- By John Russell Hayes

Forest Reserve, Pine Grove

MY FRIENDLY PINE- By John Russell Hayes
(Beside the Library)
LOVE to watch the snow-flakes softly sifting
Among the branches of my friendly Pine,
When purple twilight wanders by the windows,
And memories waver past in mystic line.
0 then the dark green branches seem to whisper
And wave to me with myriad little hands
That lead the heart away to wander dreaming
Among the far-off golden summer lands.
1 love to hear the gales of deep December
Wail through its branches with unresting roar,
When high o'er-head the wild white geese are hasting
To happier homes upon some balmy shore;
And in the scented sunsets of green April
I listen to the croon of calm content
That floats from out the old Pine's drowsy branches
Whose breath with odors wild is redolent.
0 Pine-tree with thy softly-swaying branches
Above the purple twilight's ghostly snow,
Singing and sighing to me through my window
When zephyrs murmur or when wild winds blow:—
I love thee for thy fragrance and thy beauty,
Unfailing and all-faithful comrade mine,
Through golden morns and noons and purple twilights,
Most musical and dreamy-hearted Pine!