Fragrant Quote for December 15th, 2012-Country Life In Winter By Jennie L. Hopkins

Winter Homestead

There is not a book store for ten miles around, and when they do go "to town," John Thomas says kindly, "I wouldn't spend money for books, Maria; buy yourself a gown or a pair of shoes."
And so the winter days go by. The storehouse contains a barrel of nuts, and another of pop-corn, and if it is baking day, the men huddle about the stove, and complacently test the fragrant cakes and pies as they come out of the oven deliciously brown and appetizing.
If the weather is not too cold for the horses, they decide upon a visit to a friend some miles distant, and when all are packed up in shawls and blankets, the big bob-sled, surmounted by the wagon-box, draws up before the house, and the party clamber in promiscuously, and settle down upon the soft fragrant hay which makes as soft a cushion as one could wish for. O! there is nothing so charming as this jolly way of sleigh-riding, which is a thousand times more smooth and satisfactory than bumping along in a modern high-backed cutter. If you are cold, just bury your head in " mother's lap" and your feet in the section of hay-stack under you, and you won't be so long.