Fragrant Quote for December 10th, 2012-Pine Cone Fragrance from Pine Tree in Song and Story

Rocky Mountains, Cherokee Pass

Our pines are our trees of wintergreen amid the snows, green even when shining with the coating of ice that makes of every little twig a jewel, and converts the rough, brown bark into a glittering coat of mail. As we look from our cheerful fire of pine cones, where the spirit of the tree seems to glow bright before its departure, to the stately tree itself just outside the window, the moon peeping between its branches, we realize how largely our pine ministers to the comfort, as well as to the poetry, of our lives. And not only in winter does it make its appeal. The dainty mayflowers of spring seem never so dainty as when their delicate beauty is sheltered by a spreading pine, and thrown into relief by the brown pine needles which half conceal them; and in the grateful shade they linger even into the summer heats mingling their sweet perfume with the spicy breath of the pine itself, as if thanking the old tree for its protecting presence.
Strength, beauty, fragrance, music, shelter, our pine is truly a friendly tree, and a kindly medium through which to send our New Year’s greetings.