Fragrance Quote for December 8th, 2012-Scent of the Wharf-Early memories, Volume 1 By Henry Cabot Lodge

I am happy to find that I am not alone in my memory of the wharves and ships of those early days. In his charming book about "Boston New and Old," my friend and contemporary Russell Sullivan says: "Here, at Commercial Wharf, too, and at Lewis Wharf, came in the merchantmen. The lofts and ground floors of the buildings were stored with products of the Indies; midway, sunny counting rooms overlooked the water, the loading and discharging vessels. There, where the merchants spent their days, the wide, comfortable spaces fitted with time honored furniture, with paintings of clipper ships upon the walls, had a look of wellordered repose, and, between cargoes, were, indeed, at times so quiet that the gentle lap of the harbor-waves could bo heard against the wooden piers below. There was always a fragrance of mingled spices in the air which tranquil dignity pervaded. They had their rough and tumble days, to be sure, when bags of ginger, cases of nutmegs and flat bales of dusty palm-leaf swung up from the hold so fast that the tally-clerks lost count, confusion reigned and tempers went by the board. The troops of small boys who came collecting foreign postage stamps and the decorative shippingcards of elaborate design which were in vogue, must have been a pestering nuisance, yet were civilly endured. Only a few ill-natured consignees hung out signs warning off these youthful mendicants."
Early memories, Volume 1
 By Henry Cabot Lodge