Fragrance Quote for December 5th, 2012- For Thanksgiving- BY VIRGINIA FOLLIN

Thanksgiving chapel interior
 For Thanksgiving-

(Honor Member)
The trees stand shivering and bare
Within the wood; and with the last
Gay songster fleeing from the blast
Of autumn's chill November air,
The harvest moon glows cold and still,
An orange disk above the hill.
Then red-cheeked apples fill the bin,
And chestnuts chuckle in the coals
To cheer the hearts of lonely souls;
And wood fires bid the stranger in,
And from the kitchen oven flies
The welcome scent of pumpkin pies.
The first soft snow-flakes, one by one,
Caress the earth; the corn-cribs groan
With ruddy ears; and all alone
In fiery splendor sinks the sun,
And all the noisy barn-yard lies
In peace, as fast its glory dies.
For harvest blessings such as these,
With grateful hearts we thank thee, Lord;
For bounties of our festive board,
Majestic sunsets, noble trees,
And this content with which we pray,
That fills us this Thanksgiving day.