Fragrance Quote for December 22nd, 2012-Another Short-Food Christmas

Christmas morning
Another Short-Food Christmas
By Mary G. Philips
MERRY Christmas! What visions and memories that greeting immediately brings up! Different memories for each of us, to be sure, and yet with a golden thread of similarity running through the fabric of the dream of our past American Christmases that makes our hearts warm whenever we hear the familiar words, "Merry Christmas!" We all have in common, of course, the marvelous Christmas odors—the smell of Christmas trees and greens lining the streets outdoors, and the spicy smells one catches in whiffs wherever a house door is opened. For weeks before the festival those fragrant indoor odors of gingerbread, fruit cake, mince meat and cookies are apt to be met with upon entering any friend's house, and they always cause a little happy lift of spirit because they mean that Christmas is coming. Then there is the atmosphere of secrecy and tissue paper permeating everything for at least a month before the great day, and the last minute shopping in a good-natured, shoving, jolly crowd, and the carrying of parcels, all glorious in ribbons and holly, and the trimming of the Christmas tree, speaking in subdued voices so that the children will not waken, and the filling of the stockings, and the last weary, but joyous "Good night! It's almost Christmas Day now!" And then, as if one hadn't had happiness enough in getting ready, comes Christmas Day itself!