Fragrance Quote for December 11th, 2012-Scented Pine Cones From Médoc in the Moor By Georgia Willis Read

Pine Cone
Scented Pine Cones From
Médoc in the Moor By Georgia Willis Read
In one corner lay a lovely mound of pine-cones, luxurious kindling if the fire burned low. When the coals had grown too lifeless and the fresh laid sticks refused to burn, it was Terese's way to tuck a few pine-cones in among them, one here, one there, one perhaps at the very top. A few puffs of the bellows, and lo! the flame roared up the chimney, and the logs of wood crackled and burned. A resinous fragrance floated out from the fireplace, and caught in the heart of the flame, the burnedout pine-cones glowed like molten iron, then faded to yellow-tinged pink, then fell apart, a swiftly fading flower, and dropped petal by petal into the warm red ashes below.