Laura E. Richards, in the Silver Crown.

期盼 (qipan) - 押花 Pressed flowers

A plant grew up in the spring and spread its leaves and looked abroad, rejoicing in its life. “To grow," said the plant, “to be beautiful and gladden the eyes of those who look on me-—this is life. The Giver of it be praised."
Now the plant budded and blossomed; lovely the blossoms were, and sweet, and people plucked them joyfully.
“This is well," said the plant. "To send beauty and fragrance hither and thither, to sweeten the world even a little-—this is life. The Giver of it be praised!"
Autumn came, and the plant stood lonely, yet at peace. "One cannot always be in blossom," it said. "One has done what one could, and a little is part of the whole."
By and by came a gatherer of herbs, and cut the green leaves from the plant. “They are good for bruises," he said; “or, distilled, their juice may heal an inward wound."
The plant heard and rejoiced. “To heal!” it said. “That is even better than to gladden the eåyes. The Giver of this, too, be praisedl"
Now it was winter. The dry stalk stood in the field, and crackled with the frost, its few remaining leaves clinging black and shriveled about it.
“All is over now," said the plant. “There must be an end to everything.”
But now came a poor soul, shivering with the cold, and took the dry plant and carried it to her home; and, breaking it in pieces, laid the fragments on her naked hearth and set fire to them. Pufll The dry stalks crackled into flame and blazed up merrily, filling the room with light and warmth.
“And is this death ?" said the plant. “The Giver of all be praised !"——Laura E. Richards, in the Silver Crown.