Fragrant Quote for Novmber 20th, 2012-Lingering Autumn Wildlings by Wm. S. Rice

Woodland path, Cheyne Walk Open Space

Lingering Autumn Wildlings by Wm. S. Rice

One by one the summer wild flowers have passed, yet a host of hardy stragglers remains to gladden the sombre autumn copses and meadows with their brilliant hues far into October.
Fresh and exhilarating are the aromatic, woodsy odors of drying leaves of oak and hickory, as we plow through them in our autumn walks. How they quicken and thrill our jaded nerves as we inhale the spicy gush of their frankincense and myrrh! The odor of the moist earth in combination with that of pungent mountain mint, pennyroyal, spice-bush, pine and cedar acts as a tonic to the city bred man.